Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Blog Challenge Day 6: Favorite Movies


Day 6 of the September blog challenge over at Katie's Journey! It's not too late for you to join and link up too!

Today, we're talking movies. But I have to confess, I don't watch many. If I have any spare time, I usually like to read or blog. That being said, I do have a couple of favorites, depending on my mood.

If I want to laugh... Drop Dead Gorgeous

Drop Dead Gorgeous (1999)

It's a dark comedy about small-town beauty queens in Minnesota. It stars Kirsten Dunst, Ellen Barken, Kirstie Alley, and Denise Richards, among others. Their over-the-top Minnesotan accents crack me up. And the script is absolutely hysterical.

If I want to cry... Juno

Juno (2007)

I sob at the end of Juno every single time. Literally every time. Even before I had children. It's just such an emotional moment. When Pauly Bleaker crawls in her hospital bed with her I just lose it. So sweet.

This movie is also super funny and some great one liners. All around a good flick.

If I'm sick... Gladiator

Gladiator (2000)

Weird, right? But Gladiator has been my "sick" movie for as long as I can remember. I think it's something about the lighting and cinematography. It's very soft and soothing somehow.

If I'm looking for a guilty pleasure... Twilight

Twilight (2008)

Team Edward, all day. What can I say? There's something about sexy vampires. Don't fight it people, you don't know what you're missing.

And if I ever have time to watch something new...

The Time Traveler's Wife (2010)
The Help (2011)

If I ever get any of this so-called "free time", I'm dying to see the Time Traveler's Wife (now on DVD) and The Help (in theaters). Both are two of my favorite books. The Time Traveler's Wife is next in my Netflix queue, but I have feeling I won't get around to The Help for quite awhile. I've heard it's as good as the book though!


  1. I wanna watch The Help too. But i guess i first have to read the book!

  2. The Help was AMAZING. I definitely would recommend it to those who have read the book, and even those who haven't. Bring tissues!

  3. I'm with Katie on this one. I want to watch the Help, but I kinda want to read the book first!

  4. I cried during Juno too! I love that movie.

    Both Time Traveler's Wife and The Help are great movies! Definitely watch them. :)

  5. Did you watch Time Traveler yet? I might have an unnatural love for that book, but I was so hugely disappointed with the movie.. they butchered it! (I had high hopes.. love both the actors)

    The Help movie was really well done, I thought :)

    You might like that new Steve Carell / Ryan Gosling movie that was just or is still in theaters... (Crazy/Stupid/Love) It was darling. And Mr. Gosling...Ssssizzle. need I say more.


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