Saturday, September 10, 2011

Blog Challenge Day 10: My Husband

My Ben. He's such a good man. Hardworking, kind, handsome and funny. And arguably the world's best father.

We met our freshman year in college at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. We lived in the same dorm, though he was a floor above me. We were fast friends and had a serious flirtation over the next few years, until we finally gave in and started dating in 2003.

College graduation (2005)
We moved in together after we graduated from college, and Ben proposed to me on Christmas Eve 2005. Our wedding was 11 months later on December 2, 2006.

Our Wedding Day (2006)
In the years since we've had two houses, one beautiful son, one crazy Great Dane, some gnarly fights and too many good times to list. I can honestly say that Ben is my best friend. Our relationship isn't always easy, but I know, even in the hard times, that he always has my back. We love each other unconditionally, which goes a long way when you're trudging through the tough stuff.

Vacation in Door County, Wisconsin (2008)
Christmas (2009)
Will's birth day (2010)
What I've learned in the last five years of marriage is this: be kind (no low blows) and make every effort to grow together. Support each other's dreams. Hold on to what made you fall in love the first place. And bank plenty of good memories to get you through the tough stuff.

I love you, my darling. Thank you for being wonderful you.



  1. love your "marriage lessons". and your pics are adorable!!

  2. Love the advice! I know it will come in handy when I meet my special someone one day!

  3. Hi! Hopping around on Katie's 30 Day Challenge... almost unable to write because your learned lessons is so true yet I sometimes feel incapable - definately a read that got me thinking, thank you :D


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