Thursday, August 18, 2011

Breast Cancer Care Package

Breast cancer hit close to home within this past year. Despite an overwhelmingly positive prognosis, it was a terrifying time for our family. Although I am exceptionally close with this person, I often found myself unsure of what to offer or say. Is it better to be comforting? Ask questions about treatment? Return to life as normal? Does anyone really need another casserole or restaurant gift certificate?

In our case, the best medicine was lots of baby hugs. But I wish I would have had this article from the NY Times Well Blog when our loved one was going through her experience. It offers 10 suggestions for building a breast cancer care package. I love this because a) it's thoughtful, b) it's sensitive to what the patient is going through, and c) it's unique.

In case you know someone who could benefit from this idea, I thought I'd share.


  1. Amazing ideas, Sam! I am bookmarking this for the future, hopefully I won't need it for a long long while but I think all of the ideas (esp. the button front pajamas) are amazing!

  2. Agreed, Nicole! I thought the button front PJs were such a great idea. I think that might be my go-to "get well soon" gift from now on!


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