Thursday, September 29, 2011

Blog Challenge Day 29: Three Things

Today on the blog challenge we're sharing three things we can't live without. Aside from my loving husband and beautiful son, here are my top three:
  1. Coffee: Black only please! There's nothing better than a hot cup of coffee in the morning (or afternoon, or evening).
  2. MacBook Pro: My mom and step-dad gave me a beautiful MacBook Pro for Christmas last year. I love it. It's perfect for grad school, and I love how intuitive the operating system is. Team Mac all the way!
  3. Note Cards: I have a slight obsession with note cards. I probably have over a hundred blank note cards in my kitchen side board. I love handwriting notes to people, and insist on having cards on hand at all times. I just wrote a note to my cousin Jenny this morning!


  1. i'm that way with notebooks and pads of paper. i always have to have one with me and can't resist new ones. every time i'm at target i head to the paper aisle and my husband has to physically steer me away =)

  2. I love a good hand written letter too! I also want a MacBook so badly. I already know that is what I get whenever my laptop goes kaput!


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