Friday, May 11, 2012

The End of the Road

I've been really focused on finding balance lately. You may remember this quote I shared in a post a few weeks ago:

"To make real progress, you have to get rid of busy and replace it with focus."

I've been thinking a lot about that a lot, and have made the (difficult) decision to conclude my Baby Steps blog.

There have been a lot of changes happening around here as of late. I accepted an adjunct position at a local technical college and then an opportunity to run a local young professionals network pretty much fell in my lap. Both align with my long-term career goals (higher education career services and career skill development) and, perhaps more importantly, get me really fired up to go to work every day.

Because, let's be serious, if I'm going to be away from my darling baby boy 25-30 hours/week, it better be for something worthwhile.

I have long had trouble saying "no." To people, projects, opportunities, you name it. I attribute this to being type A and being a first born. We're natural people pleasers. But a friend recently shared her new mantra: 

"If it doesn't make you say 'hell yeah!' then it's not worth doing." 

In short, if you're luke warm about something, it probably doesn't have a place in your life. And unfortunately, I have become luke warm about this blog in recent months.

I started Baby Steps in 2009 when Ben and I were first trying to get pregnant. From there it morphed into a pregnancy journal to keep my mom updated on my baby bump. Then, inspired by other mom bloggers, it was a forum to record moments in Will's life. I shared a lot over the years, everything from my struggle with postpartum depression to cloth diapering to recipes to my monthly letters to Will. Not to mention hundreds of adorable pictures.

But in recent months my blogging activity has started to dwindle. As I seek to replace my busy with focus, I have started taking a hard look at the commitments in my life. I decided that I need to focus on those things that either a) allow me to spend more time with my child, or b) help me to advance my personal goals. And unfortunately this blog was neither.

Although I'm stepping down from this forum, I'm not leaving blogging all together. In an effort to replace my busy with focus, I'm redirecting my writing toward something that will help me in my 9-5 life. So if you'd like to continue seeing me online, please head over to my new career development blog for young professionals.

To every one of you that has ever read or commented over the years, thank you. You have been so incredible. I'm so appreciative that you took the time to read my thoughts and share in this journey. You are amazing.