Monday, September 12, 2011

Blog Challenge Day 12: Goals for the Next Year

I took a break from the blog challenge yesterday to write sweet baby Will's 13 month letter. But I'm back today talking about my goals for the next year.

The biggest goal I have right now is to finish my master's degree. I'm currently on track to graduate in December 2012, which is so exciting. I'm only about half way done, but the end is in sight!

Other goals I have for myself...
  • Join the sustainability committee in our new town. They have really ambitious goals for promoting more sustainable living in our community. I'd love to be a part of their efforts. Plus, I love local government. I used to watch city council meetings on cable access for fun (I'm a nerd, I know).
  • Run a half marathon. I was training for a half marathon this summer, but between graduate school and chasing after Will, I wasn't able to get in the training time needed. It's still a goal of mine, but it might have to wait until I have a little less on my plate.
  • Keep a cleaner house. Don't get me wrong, it's not like our place is an episode of "Hoarders" or anything, but I could stand to keep things a little cleaner (especially with a toddler running around). My goal is to keep up with the clutter and do more frequent maintenance cleaning (vacuuming, washing floors, dusting, etc). I have some incentive since my MIL will be at our house once a week now taking care of Will. She would never judge me for keeping things a little unkept, but I still want the house looking good when she's here.  :)


  1. I'm trying to keep a cleaner house too! I feel like it should be spotless while I don't have a job yet to make hubby happy! It's hard though I know!! That's sweet your MIL will be helping you once a week. :)

  2. Yeah for Grad School! I will graduate from my program with my Masters at the end of June!


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