Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Seperation Anxiety

Will has a pretty good case of the "I want Mama's", which is 80% cute and 20% frustrating. It's cute when he wants to snuggle and cuddle all day. When he can't get enough books and songs. When he's thrilled just to take it all in from my arms or lap. When I know I'm his greatest comfort and joy in this world.

But it's super frustrating when he refuses to be put down for five seconds (even though Mama really, really has to pee) and right now, at bedtime, when he bursts out crying whenever I leave the room.


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  1. So satisfying and so ridiculously frustrating at the same time - you said it! I love when Milo practically jumps out of Pat's arms when he sees me and how he starts screeching when I'm in view, but that also means that I sometimes have to sneak around the house because an otherwise awesome father-son play session can turn into a shriek/cry fest if I am spotted but not immediately available.

    This morning though, Pat and Milo were having their usual morning house-destruction time (while I caught a couple extra winks), and Milo crawled over to our bedroom door, and started banging on it and said "Mama," then crawled right over to the bed and pulled to up stare at me once the door was open. I don't think he knew was he was saying, but it was certainly enough to earn an extra morning cuddle session.


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