Thursday, March 3, 2011


Age: 27. But I'm 17 days from being 28.

Bed size: Queen. Though we slept in a full for the first two years of our marriage.

Chore you dislike: Cleaning bathrooms. Blech.

Dogs: My beloved Great Dane, Stella.

Essential start to your day: Coffee (black), and lots of it.

Favorite color: Red (Go Badgers!)

Gold or silver: I used to hate yellow gold, but we're rekindling our relationship.

Height: 6'1" (and no, I didn't play basketball).

Instruments you play(ed): Flute and piano. I can still play scales on both.

Job title: Stay-at-home mom. Easily the hardest (and most wonderful) job I've ever had.

Kids: My sweet, darling Will (just shy of 7 months).

Live: Oshkosh, though we're planning to list our house next month. Then Neenah or Grand Chute.

Mom’s name: Francie. If we ever have a girl, her middle name will be Frances.

Nicknames: Literally none. This has always been a point of contention with me. I tried to give myself a nickname in college, but my friends wouldn't have it.

Overnight hospital stays: Two days when I gave birth to Will.

Pet peeve: The incorrect use of there/their/they're. It's the copywriter in me.

Quote from a movie: It's not from a movie, but I love this one by Vince Lombardi: "The greatest glory lies not in never falling, but in rising every time you fall."

Righty or Lefty: Righty-o

Siblings: My smart, beautiful, funny, fashionable sister, Taylor. She's the best sister and auntie ever. I also have a super awesome brother-in-law and sister-in-law.

Time you wake up: Will is usually up around 6:30, so I am too.

Underwear: I have strong opinions on underwear. I hate panty lines, but I think thongs are weird. I require good coverage and cute colors or prints.

Vegetables you don’t like: Swiss chard. I love everything from our CSA, except that.

What makes you run late: Usually the baby. But I hate being late. So even with Will, it doesn't happen very often.

X-Rays you’ve had: Teeth (many times) and foot (twice). My dear friend's dad is a radiologist and did my foot x-ray in high school. He teased me mercilessly because I had a hickey.

Yummy food you make: Lately I'm focused on homemade baby food. Tomorrow: peas!

Zoo animal favorite: Otters. They're so cute and playful.


  1. Ha, that's what Ben said! So I guess I do have one. :)


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