Sunday, March 20, 2011


I'm debating a new blog title and web address. What started as a blog for friends and family has grown considerably, and I'm thinking I might want more anonymity for the fam (especially Will) online.

So stay tuned. Changes are on the way!

NOTE: For those that link to my blog on your personal blog or website, that's just fine! I still want the blog to be accessible to others. But I'm thinking I should remove our last name as the URL so that we can keep things a little more private. Just trying to limit our stalker likelihood/liability.


  1. Sam, the 'getting popular' thing has happened to me a few times. And as you know, one of my blogs is quite personal, which has got me in trouble a few times with family. Gahhh. I especially understand wanting to be more personal when it comes to your little one. I obviously don't have that part to worry about.

    Good luck to you. I hope to be one who gets the new url. :)

  2. You should definitely change it before W's friends start using internet. So, in today's world, that probably means like next year!


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