Sunday, March 27, 2011

I apologize in advance

I've been a super good blogger this month (go me). But I'm sorry to say that it's a trend that won't be continuing into April.

You see, April is poised to be crazy busy. Insanely busy even. I have two papers and one paper re-write due for my graduate program, an exciting new freelance gig, and we're putting our house on the market. On top of you know, raising the baby, that won't leave much spare time for blogging.

So I apologize now for the impending online absence. Expect a lot of photos in lieu of actual blogging. But my child is attractive, so that should work out well for everyone.

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  1. I've been told to come look at your house when you put it on the a few people. Too bad we own a dang condo that might never sell (although we haven't exactly tried)!

    Good luck on all endeavors. ;)


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