Thursday, November 17, 2011

On Wisconsin!

Ben and I are proud University of Wisconsin alumni. I think we both secretly (or not so secretly) hope Will will attend our alma mater when he gets older. But we also know it's his life and his decision, so we'll support him regardless. As long as he doesn't go to Ohio State. Or Michigan. Barf.

Though Ben and I have season football tickets, we haven't been able to get to many games this year. After an awesome season start, the Wisconsin Badgers faltered a bit in the last month. Luckily they're back on track and on their way to earning a spot in the first-ever Big 10 Championship Game! Woot!

Here are a few shots of our Badger baby cheering on his favorite team...

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  1. What a little man! Has he gone to a game with you? I took my three year old niece to a game a couple weekends ago, and her favorite parts were the ref's whistles, skittles, and a big foam finger that someone let her wear. The outing also cleared up a lot of questions she had about Badger games though, like, "How will I know which ones are the football players?"


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