Saturday, November 12, 2011

14 Months Old

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Dear Will,

Once again, this letter is so overdue. You turned 14 months back in October, so I am writing this over 35 days late. Luckily, I keep lots of little notes about your development, so I am actually able to remember what happened and when.

Despite our early worries about talking, at 14 months you said your first real words! You now say "Mama", "Dada", "Milk", "Up" and "Hush", and you're adding new words each and every day. You also know lots of animal sounds, including "moo", "baa" and "neigh".

The weather has been beautiful this fall, so we've been spending lots of time outside. You love to watch the sky for airplanes and birds, run through leaves on the trails by our house, and take "nature walks" with Grandpa Jeff. Another favorite outdoor game is to throw rocks from our landscaping into the downspout and watch them roll to the ground. You giggle and laugh, collecting them all from the pile at the bottom, putting them back in the landscaping, and doing it all over again.

Your favorite toys this month are your finger puppets, blocks, fire truck "book" (it's a book with wheels on it), and dump truck. You also love your tupperware drawer, filled with lots of plastic kitchen tools from Nana. You like to help Mama "cook", pulling out bowls and spatulas and pretending to stir.

You are turning into quite a confident walker. Daddy and I joke that you have one speed: fast. You run everywhere, and love being chased.

Daddy taught you how to be a "muscle man", so you now flex your arms when prompted. You get this goofy little grin on your face when you do it, and your little fists shake from flexing so hard. You're so cute!

You love snuggling on Mama and Daddy's bed. You like to bury your face in the covers and pillows, and wait for us to tickle you. Somehow you and Daddy started playing this game where you'll crawl to the edge of the bed and fall off into his arms. He'll scoop you up and playfully toss you back into the covers. You giggle and laugh, sitting up and crawling to the edge to do it all over again.

You got your first molars this month, which made for lots of drool and few really long nights. Despite your teething pain, you were generally a good sleeper, taking monster morning naps (up to 3 hours!) and typically sleeping for 11 or 12 hours overnight.

You've started a bit of an independent streak, insisting on doing many daily tasks yourself. You want to put your pacifier away (it always stays in your crib), hold your own spoon, buckle your own shoes, etc. There's also no getting you to do anything you don't want to do, which means that you throw quite a tantrum when you don't get your way. Right now, your tantrums are generally short-lived and adorable. They typically involve you throwing yourself on the floor and crying, but after a minute or so you pick yourself up and toddle over to me for a hug. As I often say to you, "it's so hard to be the baby."

Perhaps the biggest change in your life this month was that Mama went back to work part-time. You now spend three days a week with Grandma Julie, which you both love. I miss you terribly when I'm gone, but I know you're happy and well cared for. If I can't be with you, I'm so thankful that Grandma can.

Sweet boy, you are my everything. My whole world, and the light of my life. Raising you is my greatest joy and accomplishment. I love you, now and always.



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