Thursday, November 3, 2011

More Halloween Fun

Just wanted to share a few shots from Will's first time carving pumpkins! I don't really enjoy carving (it's too messy and my designs never turn out), but it was fun to sit back, take pictures, and watch Will and Ben have fun.

Scooping pumpkin guts
I got this, Dad!
Is this edible?
Getting messy
Messier still 
Inspecting his handiwork

Happy Halloween!


  1. He loves the pumpkin gooo! Too cute! I can't wait to make pumpkin carving part of our Halloween tradition. Since I'm a weirdo that loves efficiency, my favorite part was always pulling out the seeds and roasting them, ha. Love Will's cute little smock too!

  2. Tooooooo cute!!! Glad Will enjoyed his first pumpkin carving!!


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