Wednesday, November 30, 2011

On Being A Mother

There are a lot of great motherhood quotes out there, but I recently (as in five seconds ago) came across this one from Kourtney Kardashian...

Being a mother is powerful, selfless and beautiful.

I know everyone isn't keen on the Kardashians, but I love Kourtney. She's bright, fashionable, and seems to be a really good mom. I see in Kourtney a lot of what I've experienced as a mother... more confidence, seemingly super-human drive, and a greater sense of self.

My friend Maggie recently gave thanks for all the changes motherhood has ushered into her life. Being a parent isn't always easy, but from what you give up, you gain so much more.

As a mother, I care significantly less about what other people think. I stand by my decisions. I'm unapologetic (unless an apology is warranted). I'm more respectful. I care more. I connect with loved ones in more meaningful ways. I take charge. I'm more accountable. I'm more flexible. I don't take things personally. I'm always putting someone else's needs first. I understand the importance of self care. I show more empathy to others. I set goals and stick to them. I'm more purposeful. I'm amazing.

In any given day, I sleep less and do more. I am powerful, selfless and beautiful. I am a mother.

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  1. You aren't just a mom Sammy, you are a GOOD mom.

    Also, I think it really says something about my love and respect for you that, based on solely on your recommendation, I am willing to consider the possibility that every single Kardashian isn't entirely insane.


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