Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What's your doctor worth to you?

Insert wrench here: I'm losing my health insurance on August 1. That's a whopping three weeks before the baby is due.

I'm not losing health coverage entirely... I will join Ben's plan when my own benefits expire. But my hospital and my doctor will now be considered out-of-network, so we'll be paying $2,000 more to have the baby if we stay where we're at.

We're entertaining the idea of switching hospitals and doctors to remain in-network. But the system covered by Ben's plan does not offer midwife care or waterbirth, which is pretty much the foundation of our entire labor and delivery plan. And at 28 weeks pregnant, I can't say I'm thrilled by the idea of changing doctors.

So is my doctor and birth plan worth an extra $2,000? Or should I just suck it up and make the switch? I'm not sure I have an answer yet.


  1. This is a tough one, but I do have a possible suggestion. I would look to see if there are any doula services in the Oshkosh area. It would be less expensive than staying with your midwife but they can typically facilitate things such as water births in the hospital setting. My PNP preceptor in the fall was also a doula and she frequently arranged interesting things for her clients while still respecting the hospital setting. Too bad she doesn't live closer! But I am sure that there are others in the area. Just a thought, good luck with the decision!!

  2. I think you've already decided. However, I say you've picked a good location to have your baby and a good woman to deliver your baby (I know I shouldn't actually have an opinion on this considering my status :)). I wish you guys the best. And if you need to talk to someone about cloth diapers, I have a co-worker/friend who lives and dies by them and would love to chat with you about her tactic, brand, etc. She's very, VERY open. Let me know.


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