Wednesday, June 23, 2010

In no particular order

A few random thoughts and recent occurances...
  1. I haven't worn pants with a zipper since April. Just sayin'.
  2. About half way through my iced coffee this morning, I got really jittery and the baby started moving like crazy. Yep, Starbuck's definately missed the "decaf" part of my order. I haven't had caffeine since November... now I remember what I'm missing.
  3. Though Ben believes weeding is an excellent (and utilitarian) way to practice birth exercises, I can't say that squatting in my front yard for an hour or two sounds very appealing.
  4. While the rest of Wisconsin welcomes the official start of summer, I am cursing the hot weather and the stupidly swollen ankles that come along with it.
  5. The baby has been getting hiccups lately. Super cute and incredibly distracting.


  1. Go with the weeding until the end! I planted three new beds of lobelia the day before I went into labor. If nothing else, it gives you something to do other than sit around waiting for something to happen. :)

  2. If you think your heat is miserable, just be thankful you don't live out here. It's going up to 107 today!! Can't wait to see you next weekend :)


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