Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sugar, sugar

I did my gestational diabetes test last night. Not too bad. You drink this super sugary liquid, wait an hour, then the lab tech draws some blood for a glucose reading. The liquid pretty much tasted like flat orange soda with an extra shot of corn syrup. But it was ice cold, so it went down fast.

I can ask about my results at my next appointment, but they'll only call me if my blood sugar reading comes back high. So no news is good news. I'm addicted to the cookies at Caramel Crisp Cafe, so here's hoping I'm diabetes-free.

We also saw the doctor last night (we decided to stay with our hospital and pay out-of-network, by the way). The baby's heartbeat is really strong (140s), and the doc was happy to see him moving so much. He's measuring about a week ahead of schedule, which confirms the doctor's suspicion that I might deliver a bit early (hooray!).

Speaking of deliveries, one of my oldest, bestest friends went into labor yesterday afternoon! I'm dying for an update. Boy or girl? How big? Agh!

She is also hoping for a waterbirth, so I can't wait for her full, unedited account of labor and delivery. She's been my pregnancy rock, sage and confidant. I'd strongly recommend having a good friend three months ahead of you if you decide to get pregnant. They've just experienced whatever you're going through, and have a ton of great advice. Hugs to you, M. I love you!

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