Monday, June 14, 2010

It's getting crowded in there... and other pregnancy updates

Baby takes up way more room in my belly now. No longer can I consume two bowls of cereal in one sitting (bummer). There just isn't room to eat as much as I'd like.

Baby enjoys resting on my bladder these days, so I feel like I have to pee all the time. Like literally, all the time. My current record: three times in 20 minutes. I might as well set-up shop in the bathroom.

I'm also getting some kicks in the ribs, so between the bladder-pressure and rib-karate, I hope that means baby is head down already. We'll find out at our appointment on Wednesday. We're only 30 weeks though, so if not yet, he's still got some time.

Long gone are the high-energy days of the second trimester... I'm so tired now! I feel like I did in early pregnancy. I have to nap for an hour or so almost every afternoon. I'm still sleeping really well at night... no complaints there. I'm just not able to get through an entire day without some rest. Growing a baby is exausting.

My apologies, this post is pretty whiny. But the discomfort factor has really ramped up in past week. Nature must do this so you have reason to want the kid out when the time comes.

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