Monday, April 19, 2010

Poor Ben

Let me just say that Ben deserves major props for being married to pregnant me. I've had a very easy pregnancy so far. But I still can be pretty moody and hormonal.

My major gripe this past week was that I didn't want to eat. Now, I know I have to eat, but nothing sounded good to me. So I'd force myself to eat some protein and vegetables whenever possible. But I was crabby about it. Nothing tasted good.

Until Sunday. When we went to Panera. And Ben's smoked turkey sandwich was the most delicious sandwich I had ever seen in my entire life. I asked nicely for bite, and he was happy to share. But then I ate it. The entire thing. And my salad. And half my soup. Leaving him with virtually nothing. Not exactly the lunch he was looking for.

Ben was very sweet, and assured me over and over again that he wanted me to have it. Still I felt a little guilty. I pretty much hijacked his lunch.

But he was probably relieved to have a break in the food complaints. And it felt so good to actually enjoy a meal. I'm seeing a lot of Panara trips in the near future.


  1. Look at it as training for the future when the CHILD will steal all his food and still be grumpy and whiny. :)

  2. All I could think when I read this was, "Dude, when did Oshkosh climb the food chain ladder and get a Panera's?!" ;)

  3. I'll meet you at Panera whenever you want! Or I can bring it down to Oshkosh if you get a craving.


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