Monday, April 5, 2010

Holy crap, there is a baby in there!

Ben is now able to feel baby's movements inside my belly! It was an incredible milestone. It makes the pregnancy feel so much more like a shared experience.

Baby moves mostly at night, after I've laid down. So we'll sit there with Ben's hand on my stomach waiting for a particularily good somersault. It feels sort of like a little pop or hiccup inside my belly.

Ben felt some light movement earlier this week, but on Friday he got a big one. His face was priceless... wide eyes, big smile. He didn't say it, but it seemed to me that he was thinking, "holy crap, there is a baby in there!"


  1. Get him to put his ear on your belly at night when the baby is moving but its really quiet. Pat says he can hear the swooshing as the baby moves and the heartbeat! (I'm not sure I 100% believe him, but its cool none the less - makes me wish I could somehow get down there and listen myself!)


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