Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Oh, Hi There!

Sorry for my absence in the past week. I've been a little busy what with wrapping up my graduate class and buying a house. Not to mention the freelance assignments I just picked up. Because why would I ever want to just relax?

On the housing front, our home inspection went great. Slightly elevated levels of radon, which the seller will have to fix before closing. But the house is solid. And oh so cute. I can't wait to move in!

Too bad moving requires packing. I'm majorly dragging my feet on the packing front. But I only have four weeks to box up five years, three bedroom and two bathroom worth of stuff. So it's probably time to get started.

Any packing tips or moving tricks? We need all the help we can get.

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  1. 1) Get a bunch of rolls of colored duct tape and use it to label boxes by room. That way when you actually move in, anyone who is helping will know where to drop the box and you won't end up moving them around the house. Also get those heavy duty packing tape rollers. SO much easier that trying to cut pieces!

    2) Don't pay for boxes if you can help it. Start craiglisting now! There are often tons this time of year.

    3) Leave all your hanging clothes on hangers and just pop a hole in the bottom of a garbage bags and pull it over bunches of the clothes - presto cheap garment bags! Then they can go in any box.

    4) While packing, keep several boxes/bags just for stuff to donate and be ruthless. Then see if goodwill, epilepsy foundation, disabled vets, lupus foundation, or something like that will schedule a pick up. In our area, they will come get your stuff with a truck if you schedule it in advance. That is SO much easier than making trips to the drop sites.

    5) This sort of goes against my #1 about boxing things by room, but we actually used socks/underwear/tshirts/etc to pad a lot of our kitchen ware. So much cheaper than getting a bunch of bubble wrap, plus a lot less trash to deal with when you are done.

    6) The follow up to #2, just post your boxes, packing material, etc on craiglist when you are done. Someone will come and get them!


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