Monday, May 16, 2011

5 A Day Books: Week 3

5 a day books

I love being part of the 5 A Day Books Challenge over at the Imagination Tree. You should check it out and link up too!

Getting to the library every week with Will has been awesome. We used to go to an early literacy program for pre-walkers (stories, songs and socialization), but it's on a 6 week hiatus until mid-June. So having another reason to get to the library is great. And I just love introducing new books into our reading rotation. I can literally recite Will's favorites by heart, so a change of pace is good for both of us.

This week we're reading...

Barnyard animals have a square dance. Simple, silly and fun.
We read Goodnight, Moon every night, so I thought we'd give another book
by Margaret Wise Brown a try. This one chronicles how the world wakes up
before the children rise and shine. Unique language (not the stuff you usually
get in a children's book) and stunning illustrations.
 I'm a sucker for any Daddy books. Simple, repetitive text and "expressionist"
animal illustrations. Very sweet and affirming content.

Will had so much fun with Quack, Quack last week that I wanted to pick up
another book in the Begin Smart series. This one plays peek-a-boo.

Can you tell Will's into peek-a-boo right now? Karen Katz does playful,
colorful illustrations and each page has a peek-a-boo flap forbaby to discover and play.

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