Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Day in the Life

I love posts from other moms about what their days with babies look like. So here's a look at a typical day at our house...

Will - 8 Months Old

6:30 AM: Will wakes up. I usually let him babble in his crib for a bit, then swoop in for a good morning kiss.

6:45 AM: Bottle. Will takes 6-8 oz a feeding. This is usually his quickest bottle, since he hasn't eaten in about 12 hours.

7:00 AM: Diaper change. Will loves to watch his plane mobile above his changing table and put his toes into his mouth. While we're up in his room, we usually read a few books before heading back downstairs.

7:15 AM: Playtime! Will loves to be musical in the morning, so we typically play with his jingle ball, drum and shaker. We sing lots of songs from music class and play with finger puppets.

8:00 AM: Breakfast. Will starts with puffs, then usually has 2 tablespoons of oatmeal and 3-4 tablespoons of fruit. If he's really hungry, he'll have another couple tablespoons of fruit after he finishes his first bowl.

8:30 AM: Playtime in the high chair. I clean him up and give him a toy, while I tidy up the kitchen.

8:45 AM: Reading and singing. Before nap time, we always wind down with a few books and a couple of soft songs.

9:00 AM: Nap time. Ah, bliss. Mama enjoys her coffee while Will snoozes. This is his longest nap of the day, and usually the easiest to get him down for.

10:30 AM: Wake up and eat. Will takes another 6-8 oz bottle after he wakes up.

11:00 AM: Get dressed. Will gets a diaper change after his bottle and we both get dressed for the day.

11:30 AM: Playtime! Now that the weather is nicer, we'll usually take a walk or play outside at this time. Will loves the stroller, and Mama likes to get out of the house for a bit, so it's a win/win.

12:30 PM: Lunch. More puffs and purees. Mama usually also eats around this time, while Will plays in his high chair.

1:30 PM: Another nap. This one is hit or miss. He usually goes down eventually, but it can take some coaxing to convince him that he's tired (trust me, he is). We usually read books and sing songs in his room to help him settle down.

2:30 PM: Bottle. This one's usually a little lighter, around 6 oz.

3:00 PM: More playtime! This usually includes a lot of books.

4:30 PM: Snack. Usually puffs and finger foods. Maybe a couple bites of applesauce or fruit.

5:00 PM: Daddy gets home! Will and Daddy play on the floor while Mama starts dinner. If the weather is still nice, we'll all take Stella for a walk. I love walking the four of us around our neighborhood!

6:30 PM: Last bottle of the day. We try and get him to take 8 oz, but sometimes he only wants 6 oz. Will dropped his middle of the night feeding on his own several months ago, so this is his last bottle until he wakes up in the morning.

7:00 PM: Start bedtime routine. At our house, it goes: bath, jammies, book, lullaby, bed. We read "Goodnight Moon" every night, and I sing "Beautiful Boy" and "Hush Little Baby" before I lay him down. He still likes a pacifier to fall asleep, and has a bedtime blanket that he's very fond of.

7:30 PM: Will's in bed and (hopefully) sleeping. He isn't really fussy at bedtime anymore, but sometimes he babbles and rolls around in his crib for awhile.

That's a day in our life! What does your day with a little one look like?

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