Wednesday, February 27, 2013

On Being Real

I love this.

If you have a moment, please read it.

I'm totally guilty of this. Even to the point that I don't take photos/videos as much as I should because my house is messy, or I'm not wearing makeup, or Will isn't wearing a particularly darling outfit that day. I totally edit my own life... not only how I want other people to see it, but how I want to remember it.

I try and get real on the blog, but even what I post here is usually the sunshiny, happy stuff. Or at least a toned down version of how I'm really feeling. But you know what? My most popular posts are always the ones that are raw and vulnerable. Because in that great vast expanse that is the Internet (and our daily lives), aren't we just looking to connect with one another?

Those moments we all share on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter aren't a total lie. They happened. We have the digital photo to prove it. But the article is a good reminder that such moments are one snapshot in time, not necessarily indicative of the totality of one's day or one's life. In between those sweet and blissful memories is a hell of a lot of stress, frustration and exhaustion. Because parenting (or marriage, or career) is cyclical. For every great stage, there will be a challenging one. For every amazing, self-affirming moment, there will be one filled with anxiety and self-doubt.

Parenting is a lifelong process... mistakes and growth, highs and lows are just part of the journey.

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  1. I loved the article! It really did make you think about how you present your life and how things really happen. I also love your thoughts about it.


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