Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Maternity Style: Winter Edition

Gang, it is so much harder to dress for pregnancy in the winter.

When I was pregnant with Will, my maternity style was so easy. Simple cotton dresses and sandals were my mainstays, and a few easy pieces got me through my entire third trimester (June - August). I looked great and felt great.

This time though, ugh. I find it much harder to be pregnant and stylish in the winter. However, I've found a few pieces that I covet for maternity wear this time of year...

Swing Coat

We're pretty sure this will be our last baby, so I refused to buy a maternity coat. What a waste! But around mid-December, I realized that my regular winterpeacoat wasn't going to button over my stomach much longer. I know many expecting mamas say they're warmer than normal during pregnancy and don't need to button up outside, but I'm convinced they don't live in Wisconsin. It's freezing out... I want full coverage!

While shopping at Macy's, my mom and I found a great swing coat (no longer available, but similar coat from Overstock). The swing cut is perfect, and allows for plenty of room around my growing belly. I get so many compliments on it. And guess what? I can wear this beauty next winter when I'm toting around an infant (and trying to hid my post-partum pooch).

Maternity Tights and Leggings

For months I've been squeezing into my regular, non-maternity tights. It worked for awhile, but since my third trimester? Forget about it. My stomach is way to huge and those suckers are way too tight.

So I invested in a few pairs of maternity tights and leggings. Heaven. They fit like a dream and keep my legs nice and warm. I'm partial to my Plush tights even when I'm not pregnant, so I was thrilled to pick up a maternity pair. They're a little pricey, but oh so worth it. I literally can't feel the cold when I have these things on. Plus, they look great with boots.

Scarves and Statement Necklaces

Now that I'm gigantic, one of my greatest thrills in wearing something non-maternity, even if it's just a stylish accessory or two. I'm especially loving scarves and statement necklaces, as I feel they detract attention from my belly. I'm partial to Stella and Dot for statement pieces, but for trend jewelry on a budget, I love shopping at Francesca's.

Feel-Good Dress

Perhaps my favorite maternity piece this time around was this Ponte knit dress from Gap Maternity. Seriously. This thing makes me feel so damn good when I'm wearing it.

What makes a dress do-able, even in the winter, is a great pair of boots (I love my Frye's), some warm leggings (see above), and a nice thick fabric. This particular dress has some weight to it from the fine Ponte knit, which makes it ideal for winter months. Plus, I love the collar, which provides some visual interest and feels very luxe.

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  1. Those are great tips! Perfect ideas for moms-to-be in these cold winter months!


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