Thursday, January 17, 2013

A plague on our household

Sigh. As I posted yesterday, I'm recovering from acute bronchitis, which has all but wiped my pregnant body out. Its been rough, but I was starting to think a healthier household was in our future.

Then last night, Will started vomiting.

Things all went to hell during dinner. Will said he was hungry, but he'd vomit everything up within 10 minutes of eating. Poor baby couldn't keep anything down. Not bland foods. Not even water.  I think this is the first time I have ever put him to bed without something in his tummy.

He's not running a fever, and was acting like himself between episodes of vomiting, but it's heart breaking to see such a tiny person sick. His little body would wretch and he'd look at me with tears in his eyes, seemingly pleading "Why, Mama?"

Incredibly, at age (almost) 2 1/2, this is the first time Will has ever vomited. Ever. I consider this somewhat of a victory, but as Ben noted, the "barf badge" is a parenting honor we weren't eager to earn.

Never having dealt with a puking child, I honestly wasn't sure how I'd handle it. But at one point last night, with his vomit on my sweater and in my hair, catching puke in a hand towel as I reassured him and rubbed his back, I was struck by the unlimited and unconditional love I have for this child. The lengths I would and will go to for him continue to astound me.

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  1. We unfortunately have the barf badge... First time I was shocked at how different baby spit up and vomit were. But I agree unconditional love is an amazing thing in those moments.

    Welcome back to blogging!


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