Friday, February 19, 2010

Not cute

Those are some truly glorious roots.

I last had my hair highlighted on November 7. That was 16 weeks ago. Just to put it in perspective, I typically color my hair every 8-10 weeks. But it's not safe to get your hair highlighted in the first trimester. So like any good mother-to-be, I waited. And waited. Luckily I'm tall, so most people can't see the top of my head.

But my doctor gave me the go-ahead at our last appointment. So I'm booking it to Salon Panache in Winona this weekend to have Wendy work her magic.

I believe I'm allowed to be a hot mama. And for this mother-to-be, that includes highlights.


  1. are the definition of hot mamma!

  2. What?!?! Really? How do you know this stuff? I've NEVER heard that!

  3. new mom, new highlights... new outfit?


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