Monday, February 22, 2010


So much better. I feel like a new person.

However, it appears that the pregnancy is majorly thinning my hair. I've been blessed with ridiculously thick hair since birth, so the stringy, thinning mop I'm dealing with now has come as quite a shock.

Wendy, my hair stylist, said some women get crazy thick hair while pregnant, and others lose volume at rapid rates. My hair should go back to normal within a year of having the baby (thank god).

This must be some kind of cosmic payback for not having any morning sickness.


  1. You are beautiful, Sam. Inside & out. And apparently magical - how is it that in this picture you are looking at your blog that already has this picture on it? Must be mommy magic :)

  2. It's kind of a crazy mind trick, right? I actually took one photo, posted it, then took another photo. But it's sort of like looking through the looking glass. Or a blog within a blog. Or something equally trippy.

  3. Cosmic payback is right! Your lack of morning sickness was completely unfair.


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