Saturday, December 19, 2009

Um, Sam?!?

Holy crap. I'm pregnant.

I practically took the test with a Miller Lite in my hand. It was step one in preparation for tonight's bar crawl: make sure you're not pregnant.

Guess the bar crawl is off.

I wasn't even anxiously watching the test, since I was sure I wasn't pregnant anyway. But then Ben called my name from the bathroom: "Um, Sam?!?" And our whole world changed.

Two pregnancy tests and one panicked call to M later ("There's no such thing as a false positive, right?"), I'm adjusting to the fact that I'm growing a baby inside of me. Crazy.

I told my friends a little white lie to get me out of the bar crawl tonight, so I hope they'll forgive me. I'm just not ready to tell everyone yet.

Have one for me girls. It will be 9+ months before I touch booze again!


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