Monday, April 8, 2013

A few amusing anecdotes

I can't form any cohesive thoughts to write a formal blog post, so here are some snippets from our life in the past week:
  1. We all had the stomach flu (gastroenteritis) last week. It started with Will, who showed no signs of being sick, until he started vomiting all over the OB's office while in the middle of my 38 week check. Seriously... I'm on the exam table, doppler gel on my belly, maternity pants pulled down around my waist. And Will starts barfing. Everywhere. It was horrifying at the time, but pretty damn comical looking back now.
  2. I ripped my maternity pants, which is probably a new personal low.
  3. Will has started declaring that he can't do things (like brush his teeth or put away his toys) because "my belly is just too big, Mama." 
  4. Will started sobbing at the grocery store today because I put ice cream in the cart. WTF? He kept begging me to put it back, tears streaming down his face. I probably should have just put it back and avoided the episode (and the extra calories), but at 9 months pregnant, food is my only friend. (Mother of the year, right?)

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