Saturday, March 30, 2013

No-Mess Easter Eggs

I was hesitant to dye Easter eggs with Will this year because of the mess. I was envisioning dye everywhere, stained fingers, ruined clothes... the works. (Plus none of us like hardboiled eggs, so boiling and dyeing a bunch of eggs seems like a colossal waste.)

However, I still wanted to do something with Will to celebrate Easter, so when I found this felt Easter egg tutorial via Classic Play on Friday, I immediately ran out to get supplies.

Exploring the materials 
Mixing it up

I invested about 20 minutes and $5 into the project. I cut the shapes freehand from felt, which included five eggs, stripes, stars, triangles, "jelly beans" (small ovals) and a chick. Some of the eggs "crack open" which Will thought was really fun. He had a blast decorating and re-decorating this morning, so I consider the project a complete success.

Although the tutorial has you make a felt-covered wooden board, I just used two felt sheets (one green, one blue) on the dining room table. I can see where the board would be convenient (and sturdier), but the felt sheets worked fine.

I regret not posting this sooner, but we just made ours last night! Wishing you a festive and mess-free holiday...

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