Wednesday, June 8, 2011

5 A Day Books: Week 6

5 a day books

This is our last week of the 5 A Day Books Challenge over at the Imagination Tree. We'll definitely keep up with it in a more informal capacity, but with the impending move and vacation, we just have a lot on our plate right now!

The Challenge has been a ton of fun, and encouraged me to get to our local library with Will every week. Introducing new books into our reading rotation has been great for both of us, and Will loves our weekly library outings. While I peruse for new titles, Will sits on the floor and pulls all the board books off the shelf!

Here's what we're reading in our final week...

We adore the Begin Smart series! This book has flaps to lift, and reinforces
many of the baby sign language "signs" we're using with Will.

Will loves trucks of all kinds! Bright, bold illustrations and simple text.

We took Will to his first farmer's market on Saturday, so I wanted to do another book
about planting and farming. I love the "paper" illustrations and progressive counting.

Cute book about opposites. Very sweet illustrations.

This is a rhyming "peek-a-boo" book from Barefoot Books. The illustrations
are bright and colorful, and Will loves all the animals.

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