Thursday, June 2, 2011

5 A Day Books: Week 5

5 a day books

We love the 5 A Day Books Challenge at the Imagination Tree! Posting a few days late, but here's what we're reading this week...

What can I say? We live in Wisconsin, where polka is king. But this book is
also really sweet and silly, with fun flaps to lift as you tell the story.

We own this book, but it's never been very heavy in our rotation.
However, I love the message about unconditional love.

We love all things Eric Carle! In this book, Will especially enjoys the
text repetition and the beautiful animal illustrations.

Sweet story about friendship with darling illustrations. Isn't the cow cute?
She reminds me of Stella (our dog).

Our local farmer's market opens on Saturday, so I wanted something about planting
to share with Will! This also does a nice job with colors and types of flowers.

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  1. Otis looks like a very cute book. I'm going to look for this one at the library.


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