Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Words of wisdom

You know, because I've birthed a child and I'm an expert now. Here are some thoughts on pregnancy, labor and delivery:

1) Watch what you eat. Protein and veggies are so important. Little snacks are fine (you are pregnant after all). But save the big indulgences for the third trimester. Food will be your only friend. Trust me.

2) Keep exercising. Labor is an athletic event. You need to keep fit, even if you're tired. I found squats and walking to be really valuable. You won't believe the leg strength required to push that kid out of you.

3) Take a breastfeeding class. I thought this was stupid. What could be more natural than breastfeeding? I read a few books and asked to speak with the lactation consultant after the baby was born. But breastfeeding is harder than you think. It takes time to master, and I wonder if we both would have benefited from a little more preparation.

4) Make sure your house is spotless before you leave for the hospital. Because you won't have time to clean it when you get home. Nesting helps with this (I'm normally really messy, but I was a cleaning fanatic in the last few days before Will was born). If you don't have the urge, either hire someone or get your partner to do it. It's much easier to come home after delivery to a clean house.

5) Take lots of pictures. Throughout your pregnancy and in the hospital. I know you think you won't want photos of you as a hot, swollen mess, but you will. It's hard to appreciate how amazing you are when you feel like crap. But I love looking back on photos from my last days of pregnancy and early days with Will.

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