Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Helmet Update

Well, it looks like Will is going to need a helmet.

After a consultation with a neurosurgeon a few weeks ago, we were referred to a pediatric orthotist. The orthotist discussed Will's brachycephaly (flat head) with us in greater detail and took some measurements. He recommends helmet therapy for a cranial width to depth ratio above 93. Will's came in at an even 100 (so his head is as wide as it is long).

The orthotist would like Will's head circumference to be a bit larger before starting therapy, so we're waiting a few more weeks to cast the helmet. In the meantime, his office will work with our insurance company to try and get approval for treatment. Some insurers cover 100%, others not at all. We're hoping for at least partial coverage, since the helmet will cost around $3,000.

In explaining the three basic kinds of flat head syndrome, the orthotist said brachycephaly is what he would "hope" for his own children (provided you'd hope for such a thing). And as I pointed out, brachycephaly is clearly the sexiest of the "cephalies".


  1. He's adorable no matter what! So glad I got to see him this weekend. Such a cutie!

  2. Leave it to a child of yours to find the "sexiest" cephaly option. :)

    He'll be out of it by summer and it will all be a blip on the radar before you know it. Meanwhile, Go Badgers!


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