Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Things I Miss (Already)

Yes, I'm aware it hasn't been that long. And yes, I'm aware things are going to get worse. But here's a short list of things I miss (already).

1) Beer and wine (enough said)
2) Feta cheese (may contain listeria)
3) Deli meat (nitrates are a no-no)
4) Cookie dough (raw eggs and salmonella are bad)
5) Eating large quantities (eating too much makes me nauseous)
6) Sleeping through the night (I get up to at least twice to pee)
7) Pants that fit (though not yet perceptible to the outside world, my pants are stupidly tight)
8) The ability to stay up past 8:00


  1. Maggie Response:

    1) yay. i hear that. i feel sad when I see a friend enjoying a glass of vino verde.
    2) check out the packaging. i found that a LOT of cheese they tell you stay away from really only applies to the artisan variety. the normal stuff at the supermarket (feta, brie, etc) is usually make with pasteurized milk and is totally okay.
    3) my doc said that as long as you use common sense and don't eat a ton of hot dogs all the time, lunch meat is okay. she said not eat anything that had sat in the fridge for more than a week, but that fresh stuff isn't really listeria concern these days. nitrates are harder to avoid, but its TOTALLY possible to find low-nitrate and no-nitrate meats at co-ops. i really only want turkey sandwiches, so we are just careful about where the meat comes from and i eat them at will.
    5) :)
    6) body pillows dude, and learning to go to the bathroom and pretty much stay asleep the whole time
    7) ahahaha. i mostly quit pants. i've been rocking leggings and tunics, and lots of skirts and dresses.
    8) your super woman skills will come back in a few weeks. and then, if you are me, leave you again around 20 weeks.

    good luck!

  2. I'm sure baby will thank you for being a very aware mom. I had no idea about all the things you couldn't have!


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