Sunday, January 31, 2010

Holy Hormones

The hormones have taken over my body.

It started with small episodes, mostly when I was tired. Nothing a nap or good night sleep couldn't fix. But now, I'll pretty much cry at anything. On Friday night, I started sobbing because Ben didn't make my carrots the way I wanted. And this afternoon, I cried while watching the Miss America Pageant.

Yes, you read that correctly, the Miss America Pageant. What makes this even more ridiculous, is that I can't stand pageants. I think they are degrading and superficial, and if they really wanted to emphasize scholarship, they wouldn't require women to have perfect figures and walk around in swimsuits. But I digress.

I was channel surfing this morning and came across a rebroadcast of the pageant on TLC. It was the part in the beginning where they all share a pithy anecdote about their state of origin. And as these women introduced themselves, I started crying. Crying. Because some twisted part of me started thinking about how this night is fulfilling a dream many of them have (misguidedly) had since they were little girls.

To add even more emotion to the mix, I then started laughing. While crying. It was kind of funny. I mean, who cries over the Miss America Pageant?

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