Tuesday, March 6, 2012

We Crafty

And be "we" I mean Ben and my mother-in-law.

Check out the awesome growth chart they co-created for Will...

I got the idea from Pinterest, but left the execution to the experts. Ben sanded and stained the board, and my mother-in-law painted the numbers (each number equals one foot). It's hanging by our back door, just off the laundry room/mud room. I absolutely love it.

We marked Will's height from 12 months already, and will mark his present height after we visit the doctor on Friday. I can just imagine him in a few years, standing stick straight with his chin slightly elevated, hoping desperately that he's just a little bit taller than last time. I have very distinct memories of doing the exact same thing at my Grandma's house, where she measured my sister and I on the door trim in her kitchen.

So in sum: love. There's nothing more wonderful than to watch your child grow. Unless you're reminiscing about how cute and cuddly and tiny they used be.


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