Tuesday, March 13, 2012

18 Months Old

Adorable even with the black eye
Dear Will,

This is again several weeks late (at this writing you are already 19 months old), but I wanted to be sure to record your milestones and achievements at 18 months. As always, we are so proud of you, and amazed and bewildered at the pace you continue to learn and growth. You are such a bright, silly, sweet and affectionate child. You love to give kisses and hugs, especially to your immediate family members. You light up whenever your aunts, uncles or grandparents come to visit. I love that you are already aware of all the people in your life that love and adore you.

We continue to stay busy with our weekly music class and library story time. You've been a bit clingy in group classes as of late, insisting that I hold you and hesitant to play with the other kids. But we have fun, you and I, snuggling, sharing kisses and singing together. Although you're hesitant to leave Mama's lap, I know you enjoy observing and taking it all in.

For as long as I can remember, we have been reading "Goodnight Moon" before bed. In the last month though, you've decided that you'd like to pick your own book before bedtime. So now it's baby's choice. Common requests this month include "House in the Night", "Click Clack Moo" and "Bear Wants More".

You received not one, but two black eyes this month. One from running into Nana's couch (as a result, she now completely changes the furniture arrangement whenever we visit). The other from Stella's tail. So you were looking pretty rough for a while there. Luckily, I think you gained some major street cred.

You continue to love bath time, especially the bubbles. You've even taken to eating bubbles as of late, mostly so that Daddy or I pull your hand away from your mouth and say "yucky!" You laugh and laugh! Then grab another handful of bubbles, shoot a sly eye up at us and do it all over again. This game would go on for hours if we let it! Luckily, you also like to play with your toy boat, dumping out the water and pushing it under water until all the air bubbles up out of it.

You have decided in the last month that you can't possibly be asked to wear a bib. The horror! You throw your head back and wail whenever you see Daddy or I approach your highchair with one. As a result, we've had quite a few messy shirts in the laundry this month.

You continue to talk up a storm (hard to believe you didn't really utter your first words until you were over a year old). New words this month include blackberries, please, thank you, get, stand up and okay. You're also putting a ton of words together now to make mini-sentences (Mama help, read book, Dada bye-bye, Stella bark, etc).

Honestly, I'm unable to track most of your new words because you pretty much say everything all the time. You literally mimic every word out of our mouths and pick up new stuff that I don't even remember saying. You're so perceptive and in-tune with the world around you. Half the time you see stuff I hadn't even noticed (school buses, birds, dogs, trucks, etc). It's so amazing to see the world through your eyes.

At a weekend getaway with friends this month, it occurred to Daddy and I that you don't really say "no". Whenever you don't want something or don't want to do something, you say "all done". This was particularly funny within the context of our Wisconsin Dells getaway, as you walked around the hotel suite saying "all done, all done, all done, all done" because you wanted to go home. You ended up having a good time playing with the other kids, but I think it was a touch overwhelming for you at first. Ten adults and five kids in one three bedroom suite is a lot for a little boy who spends most of his time one-on-one with mom or grandma.

We taught you how old you are this month, so when we ask "how old is Will?" you hold up your right pointer finger. Sometimes you get this shy, mischievous look on your face before you do it, like you're trying to pretend you don't remember how to. So cute!

Hard to believe, you are already a year and half. It honestly feels like we just brought you home from the hospital. I'm so thankful to have these letters to write all your milestones down. Because you know what? Everyone is right when they say this goes so darn fast. You continue to be my whole world, the light of my life, and the single greatest joy I have ever known. I love you, baby boy.



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