Saturday, October 1, 2011

October Daybook

Borrowing this from my friend Meghan over at Fumbling Grace... happy October!

Image courtesy of 123RF, via Google Images

Outside my window... It's chilly! Only in the 40s this morning. Sunny and brisk. Great fall day in the works.

I am thinking... I need to start getting my fall decorations up. I want to make these mason jar lanterns and get some pumpkins and mums in front of the house.

I am thankful for... A lazy weekend at home with my family. It always seems like we're going, going, going. I love being at home and doing whatever strikes us in the moment.

From the kitchen... Ben is making these yummy crock pot ribs for tonight. The recipe is adapted from America's Test Kitchen, one of my favorite cooking shows/cookbook series.

I am wearing... My favorite Gap jeans and JCrew cardigan.

I am going... To the farmer's market and the tree nursery today! We already stopped by the market for apples, pumpkins and lamb shanks. We're heading to the tree nursery after Will wakes up to buy three trees for our new house. I'm thinking two maples and a linden, but we'll see.

I am reading... "Leonardo and the Internet" by Thomas Misa for my graduate class in Technology, Culture and Learning.

I am hoping... That my contract proposal gets accepted by the dean (more on this later).

I am hearing... The clink-clank of Stella's collar as she snuffles around the kitchen for dropped goodies.

Around the house... Will is napping, Ben is cooking, I am blogging.

One of my favorite things... I'm going to have echo Meghan on this one and say my Google Reader. I just embraced RSS instead of visiting each of my fav blogs individually. It's such a timesaver! And I don't miss any posts from any of my favorite bloggers.

A few plans for the rest of the week... Will and I are going to a local farm/orchard on Friday with our stay-at-home mom and baby friends! I'm really looking forward to that. Otherwise, lots of school work, work work, and house work for this mama.

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