Friday, November 13, 2009

I jest, mostly

Ben: Amy says you just need to relax. Maybe you should have a margarita tomorrow night.

(Context: I've cut WAY back on alcohol since we started trying. That makes me sound like a lush, but it's true.)

Sam: Oh, I'm having a margarita. If our kid can't handle tequila, we've got bigger problems.

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  1. Don't worry. We got pregnant right after Family weekend (where I drank an entire bottle of wine myself each night), then I went to a wedding the following weekend (where Pat's little sister had to drive my ass home because I had one too many captain and cokes), and the day before we found out we were pregnant, we had a BBQ and I definitely drank at least 3 Jeremiah Weed Vodka lemonades.

    I sheepishly confessed my sins to the doctor is total and she was just like, ah, don't worry. Pretty much everyone does that. She said that as long as you stop once you find out (and you're not an alcoholic), the babe will be fine.

    So yeah, I second the margarita. Start building their tolerance young...


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