Monday, November 23, 2009

Can I just ovulate, please?

Turns out it's really hard to make a baby if you don't ovulate. I'm in day 21 of my cycle, and still no positive OPK result. WTF?!?

Sometimes I think it's harder to be ovulation testing. Whereas I used to have some hope that we were getting pregnant, now I pretty much know for a fact that it's not happening. I hate that.

I need the optimism back.

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  1. Google "reading ovulation predictors." People seem to pretty unanimously agree that they are damn near impossible to read and to tell a positive from a negative. So don't give up hope!

    (Remember that I was told I didn't ovulate and needed to see a fertility doc WHILE I was knocked up, so it seems even docs are not always correct...)

    Many non-ovulators just need a little push to start up again. And seriously, it is ridiculous who they are able to make pregnant these days (just saw that a 48 year old got pregnant with her own egg after repeated treatments!). So there's your hope. If a 48 year old can do it, so can you!

    Team Sam!


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