Monday, August 5, 2013

School Supplies

The best part of having a preschool-age child? School supply shopping!

One box is never enough!

I loved school supply shopping when I was a kid. The ritual of going to the store with my mom and picking out my new items was often the highlight of my summer.

Back-to-school shopping felt like such a major event, as if those new supplies were going to set the tone for the entire school year. I'd give serious consideration to whether I should get notebooks that were regular or college-ruled, debate the merits of pens with purple ink vs. pens with black ink, and agonize over which Trapper-Keeper to buy. I even loved supply shopping as a grad student (albeit with far fewer Lisa Frank folders). There's still something incredibly intoxicating about pulling out a brand new notebook or writing deadlines in a never-before-used planner.

(Writing that, I'm acutely aware of what a super-nerd I am.)

So granted, I was really amped up to buy supplies for Will, but he had a great time too. He was so proud to be picking out his own items, and he's really, really excited to go to school in a few weeks.

For this year, Will's school supply list included...

  • Child-safe scissors
  • Two white glue sticks
  • Small box of crayons
  • Two #2 pencils
  • Large pink eraser
  • Medium-size pencil box
  • Folder
  • Kleenex box

And here's what he chose...

Will's 2013-2014 school supplies

I could just die from the cuteness.

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