Monday, June 24, 2013

Around Here

  • We're loving summer... our days are non-stop fun with the park, pool and plenty of play dates.
  • Charlotte is so smiley. Her favorite person is her brother.
  • Will is both completely awesome and unbelievably challenging. His emotions exist in such extremes... either overwhelmingly happy or overwhelmingly sad. I have to remind myself that he feels everything so deeply right now, and sometimes just doesn't know how to handle it.
  • I'm obsessed with neon. Wait until you see my new front door.
  • I've already read seven books this month. I predict nine before July 1.
  • My surgeon says I'm an "exceptionally good" healer.
  • We recently made the decision to ditch our Keurig.
  • I've managed not to kill my garden yet. Veggies look awesome. Watermelons might not make it. Rabbits are the enemy.
  • I was sick of all our old and mismatched socks so I threw out every single pair and bought new ones. I'm pretty sure Ben was still holding on to some socks from the 90s. And now, all our white socks are all the same brand and type so I can easily pair them back up. Win!

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