Thursday, October 14, 2010

What we've been up to

Remember when I had time to blog? Oh yeah, that was back when I got 8 hours of sleep a night and had a social life.

Will has been a busy boy lately. We've been traveling a ton. In the past three weeks we've been to southern Wisconsin and upper Michigan for weddings. And this Saturday we're spending the day in Door County.

Tuckered out from all that activity.

At my dear friend's wedding outside of Dodgeville, Will got to meet his future BFF Milo (when your moms are BFFs and you're born within three months of one another, it pretty much guarantees you too will be BFFs).

Lil' buddies, rocking their stripes.

Then uncle Andy and aunt Mandy got married in Rapid River, Michigan. Will was one of 17 guests present, so he felt pretty special to be involved. He had a fly little outfit just for the occassion.

Voted second best dressed (after the bride).

Fair warning: blogging probably won't become more regular until a) Will miraculously starts sleeping through the night or b) winter break. Stay-at-home parenting and graduate school are keeping me pretty busy, and I still need to make time for running (my first post-baby 5K is in 6 weeks), mindless TV watching, and eating. Priorities people, priorities.


  1. Oh yeah, we're definitely gonna force Will and Milo to be besties. So glad they got to meet at my wedding! It was great seeing you!

  2. Milo talks about Will all the time. Just this afternoon, in between yaking on my sweater and gumming his wood ring, he was all "Where's Will these days? How come he never calls?" And I was all "Will is a busy man Milo, we have to wait our turn."

  3. It was so nice to run into you. Let's do wine very soon!


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